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Shake Things Up

I’m really starting to get into these daily word prompts.  WordPress gives a daily word to inspire your writing for the day. So far, the words have done exactly what they intend. I feel like they might actually be speaking to me. Wait, are they? Are they following me? Nahhhhh, I know they’re not but it’s so interesting that sometimes it feels like the universe just puts everything together perfectly to encourage you on your path. Some would say that’s proof of God. Some wouldn’t. Who knows?

Hello Universe!!

So, today the word they chose is Disrupt. It could be taken a few different ways, like you didn’t pay your electric bill so they’re going to disrupt your service. Or your child is extra gregarious today and is determined to disrupt their class. Or the dog won’t quit barking and it is disrupting your sleep. So many ways to take it but those examples all seem so negative. I’m choosing to use disrupt as a shake up. Sometimes we need to disrupt our lives to open the door for bigger and better things. We have to experience some disruption to get our tails in gear and look for that better job or the new house. While the disruption itself can be stressful or scary, the outcome can be so amazing.

Positive disruption!  Breaking the egg shell in order to be born or free from your confines…

My life has been one big disruption after another lately. A few years ago, I chose to shake things up and moved across the country to a new job, a new city and a new life. And that’s exactly what I got. It has been so worth it! I’m glad I chose to make the changes I did because it brought me to my husband and my son came out of it. We found a perfect home and I now have a bigger family than I ever thought I would.

I’ve even disrupted my nighttime routine. I used to come home and binge watch HGTV – I love the Property Brothers and all things Fixer Upper. But now I rarely turn the television on unless it’s Disney Junior for the little guy. Now I will hang out with the kid, have a relaxed dinner, play outside, get him to bed, then I get to work. I spend 2-3 hours working on my writing projects each night. And I go to bed feeling accomplished. Sometimes it’s a little more, or even a little less if I find a good stopping point, but the point is, I broke up my time wasted and turned it into productive time. And I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m being acknowledged for my work.  It’s helping out my family. And I am personally challenged by some of the research I am assigned. Winning all around!

My imaginary Property Brothers home – on a basket weaver’s & a dog walker’s salary, of course!

Maybe it’s time for a disruption in your life. A controlled disruption, if possible. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, who you’re with, where you’re living, do something about it. Embrace the chaos and take those steps forward that you’ve been thinking about or dreaming about.

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