Partaking in Earth Day?

So, today’s word is partake. What a fun word! You can partake in an adult beverage or you can partake in a game of Words With Friends with your coworkers. You can partake of a slice of cheesecake…  All of that sounds lovely to me!

Can I just have this for breakfast, please???

Today I will be partaking in Earth Day. Well, technically we started yesterday with the front yard – new mulch, raking up sticks, leaves, and that gross tree pollen stuff that is all stringy and everywhere. Then we moved out to the garden and laid fresh dirt, planted peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini, corn and a beautiful purple basil. Oh, and marigolds because, who doesn’t love some color? We’re nowhere near done with the planting but I love that I can help create what goes into our bodies and that there are no poisons or chemicals involved.

Aren’t the azaleas gorgeous???

Today’s job is the little side bed I dug out last year. Sadly, my fig and my hibiscus didn’t survive the winter but I have not given up on the roses or the Russian lavender that are still hanging on in there. It’s desperately in need of weeding and a good layer of mulch, so I’ll be doing that today. Overall, the yard is looking much better – thanks to the hubs for mowing!

They’re gonna grow big and strong!!

We actually embraced Earth Day a little early this year. The school I work at adopted a few city streets, so we took all of our students out of class and we walked the city streets, met a few people, homeless or otherwise, found quite a few interesting things along the way, and scouted out a great place for lunch. They seemed to really enjoy the outing, though they were working and many of them are not accustomed to anything of the sort. But in the end, it was a fantastic team-building experience, a humble nod to our co-inhabitants in the city, and a giving back that we don’t often have the time or desire to partake in.

It’s a beautiful world, every day, and I hope we can continue to keep it that way.  What do you do to keep your world beautiful? Are you an outside person?

2 thoughts on “Partaking in Earth Day?”

  1. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate! I love being outside and trying to plant flowers, but I’m better at killing them. And my whole family suffers from allergies, with my toddler refusing to take anything that might help him, so we’re usually stuck inside. Happy Earth Day!


  2. Oh mannn!!! Sounds like no outdoors for you, for now! My hubby is allergic to grass(?!?) So him outside cutting with a mask on and long sleeves and pants is a sight in the summer. Then he’s straight in the shower, poor guy. But I really appreciate it. I’d do it myself but he won’t let me. But it’s the thought that counts! I hope you had a great day. 🙂


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