The Published Works

We all have a passion. Mine started a while ago with a laptop and a few quiet minutes. I wrote about a hundred pages and then I left it alone for a few years. Then I read it, edited what I had written, wrote some more, then left it alone for a couple more years. Out of nowhere, I remembered it, so I reread it, re-edited it, wrote even more, and ignored it again. Finally, after a grand total of 10 years, I picked it back up and said, this is it. I will finish this within the month.

The problem is, this book is extremely close to my heart. It’s emotional. It’s dark. But it’s my story and it’s my truth. I’ve shared where I came from and where I am now. I have shared some moments that I have never spoken to a living soul. That’s it. I bared my soul to the world. And I waited. The feedback has been amazing! So many people can relate or empathize with the stories I tell. I’ve received messages and phone calls from my friends on both coasts who have read Don’t Move, Don’t Breathe and have been inspired to reach out to me.

I put a series of poems and short stories together as a companion to Don’t Move, Don’t Breathe. These were written over the years I was ignoring the big book and when I was feeling inspired. I call it Memories & Snapshots because, well, that’s exactly what it is. Both are on Amazon and Kindle for direct ordering.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe   Memories & Snapshots

Inappropriate Word Searches

I actually started off this awesome publishing journey with some inappropriate word searches. There’s actually a niche for this. All of the words you can’t find in the book aisle, offensive, sexual, silly, are included in the Not Your Grandma’s Word Search Series.

Not Your Grandma’s Word Search, Volume 1 is where it all began.  If you’re not afraid of bad words or sexual content, check it out!

Not Your Grandma's Word Search: Not Your Grandma's Word Search

Not Your Grandma’s Word Search, Volume 2 is the continuation of the insanity. You’ll giggle just as much with this one as you did the 1st in the series. The puzzles themselves are still challenging but the words are the point.

Not Your Grandma's Word Search II: Volume 2

The 3rd installment in the series is a deviation from the cursing and sexuality to include our younger friends. This is Not Your Kindergarten’s Word Search. Let’s talk about what gets you in trouble and what toys you love. Why not?

Not Your Kindergarten's Word Search (Not Your Grandma's Word Search) (Volume 3)

Check them out. I’d love to hear your experiences with the word searches and I’m very interested in your feedback on Don’t Move, Don’t Breathe and Memories & Snapshots.

In Process!

I’ll keep you updated on my latest projects as I go. For today – I’m about halfway through a YA Supernatural Fiction novel that may turn itself into an amazing series if our heroine keeps being her badass self. *wink


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